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Brief Overview

Gorwith was born into the Darkshadow clan in the mysterious halfling kingdom of Hylia. There he was trained to be an assassin and a spy. He was sent into the world to gather information and to use his blade to bring peace to the the land. He joined his fellow Knights of Albright first in a quest to gather the magical stones strewn about the land and now to bring an end to Caltor's evil reign.


Gorwith Darkshadow, Agent of Hylia.

Early Years

Gorwith was born in the kingdom of Hylia, a secret kingdom ruled and inhabited by halflings. He is member of the Darkshadow family, a family who has long served as the kingdom's chief assassins and spies, a group known simply as Agents.

Although other halflings not from the Darkshadow family also serve as Agents, the Darkshadows are regarded as the elite.

Gorwith's training started at very young age, and he led a privileged life wanting for nothing. His mother, Tara Darkshadow, and his father, Thorin Darkshadow, were proud of their son, and Gorwith soon became one of the kingdom's best agents.

Gorwith trained until the age of 18, at which time he was required to set out into the world. An Agent's job is to gather information and take out threats. Every so often, Agent's are required to return back to Hylia to report of their doings to the king.

On some occasions, Agents are summoned back to Hylia when the king has a specific task for them to complete. Although Agents may return to live in Hylia for short periods of time, they are required to carry out their duties until the king decides that their services have been fulfilled.

At this point, an Agent is released from duty and may do what they wish. Many Agents, such as Gorwith's father, decide to remain in Hylia to train the next generation of Agents.

As customary, Gorwith chose a new name to conceal his identity when he set out into the world. Gorwith chose the name Sal, in honor of his great-grandfather Salazar Gorwith, considered by many to be the finest Agent that Hylia has ever known.

Early Agent Years

When Sal first set out, he proved that he was indeed a highly capable Agent. In his first year he gathered more information and dispatched more threats than any of his fellow Hylians. He often reported back to the king, King Barowin VII, who's son Barowin VIII now rules Hylia. King Barowin summoned Sal to complete many tasks, and Sal was honored to complete his missions.

When Sal was 43 years of age, he was summoned back to Hylia by the king. He was told of an impending threat of which little was still known. What was known was that great stones of power were close to being found, and if they fell into the wrong hands, all the lands would be in grave danger. Sal set out on a quest to see that this didn't happen.

On his 44 year, Sal found what he was looking for when a group of adventurers and warriors set out to find these very stones. Sal joined this group in the hope that he could fulfill his mission.

Things did not go as planned, when Cazio tricked the group into giving him one of the stones of power, and the evil wizard Velsed kidnapped the princess. Sal, mistaking Velsed's look alike Cazio, a fellow group member, to be the evil wizard attempted to kill him. He was unsuccessful and fled from the group. It was only later that he learned that Cazio was not Velsed, he simply looked like him.

Sal eventually returned to the group, but as expected, was hated by all of its members. The group eventually disbanded when Arti, an elf, made a pact with a demon.

Middle Years

After the group disbanded, Sal attempted to continue his mission. He made his way to the town of Dredhaven where a human by the name of Gorbo resided. Gorbo had connections to Velsed, and it was Sal's mission to spy on him.

To keep his cover, Sal started a strip club called the Plucked Rose. It was here that he fell in love with Tory, one of the strip clubs employees.

Gorbo eventually found out about Sal, and Sal was forced to flee from Dredhaven. It was during the following years that Sal hit the lowest point of his life. He was hunted by people with great power, and he was unable to return to Hylia because he could not risk those who wished to kill him to find out about the secret kingdom.

Eventually, Sal made his way back to Albright where he once again joined with his fellow group members, now Knights of Albright.

Recent Events

The Knights of Albright continued their quest to find the stones and to take out the evil wizard Caltor, a minion of Velsed. Sal was initially met with hostility, but the group decided to let him join with them in their quest.

Sal was not the same halfling they had known 10 years prior. His time on the run had caused him to become less hard, and although he still did what needed to be done, he was thankful to be among those he knew and could trust. Sal's spirits rose again when he no longer had to run from enemies alone.

Sal showed that in some ways he had changed when he showed compassion towards other beings. He was even able to work out his differences with Cazio, who Sal now regards as a friend.

The group returned to Dredhaven in an attempt to get Gorbo to talk. Sal met back up with Tory, and after a night spent together, Sal became a father.

The group was forced to flee from Dredhaven, but this time Sal took Tory, and her friend, Cali with them. The group made their way to Grundlewood, where Sal found out that Tory was pregnant with his child.

It was here that the group clashed with Caltor, who tricked Sal into believing that Tory and his children were dead. Sal has recently found out that that is not the case, and the group prepares to embark on the next leg of their journey.

Upon setting out, the group was delivered a grizzly message courtesy of Perin, a one-time friend and ally of Quarion. It seemed that Perin had been corrupted by dark forces and was threatening to destroy the Kingdom of ALbright if Quarion did not ride out to face him. The group decided that this was a threat that could not be ignored, and they made their way towards Perin's camp. Sal, riding his newly acquired undead steed, Darkholme, decided that he would scout ahead to see the extent of Perin's forces.


Sal is a secretive being, but warms up to those he knows. Many do not agree with his ways of dealing with threats, some even considering him to be a murderer. Sal, however, does what he does in order to stop those who he deems to be evil. He is not afraid to kill, and he thinks that killing is a good way to make sure a threat stays down and does not come back.

He is willing to do what his other group members will not if it means stopping a threat. Sal also shows moments of compassion when he helps others in need. Sal also has a very distinct sense of humor, and finds it funny to play "pranks" on his group mates by picking their pockets. He also does this to keep his skills sharp.

Sal can also be considered greedy, keeping many of the treasures that are found to himself. Overall, Sal will do what is necessary to protect those he loves and considers to be friends and he has a great sense of honor and duty towards his king and homeland of Hylia.

Overall Character Statement

Sal does what he feels he has to do to keep the ones he cares for and the world safe, even if it's killing. But he doesn't want his friends to have to follow him down the same path. Sal lost his innocence quite early in his life, so he puts a pretty big premium on innocence and on people getting blood on their hands.

At the same time, he sees the decisions that he made as necessary to what he was doing; stopping a great menace. He didn't have the luxury of taking the risks that he may have in the past for the sake of pulling punches and finding a non- violent way to solve problems. He made the best decisions he could with the information he had at hand.

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